Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Artist: MsSupa

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See them going out
Party every hour
(They) say they celebrate our lives but clearly don’t know how
All our blood and sweat
All our pain and tears
Seems a distant memory they don’t know where we’ve been

Abantwana bethu abazi
Badla izimvuno zethu zamalanga madala kodwa hhay abazi lutho!

(Verse 1)
I don’t want you to capitalise on the struggle/ Instead let it keep you focused while you hustle/ I didn’t fight to be a household brand later/ I did it for the better/ Black youth, keep it together/ I cant stand the thought of my images/ spread across the country/ with black youth in bashes/ I’d like for my memory to enlighten/ ’76 was more than riots and fighting systems/ Use my existence as an education not a business/ And work on the messages we were sending/ Black pride and self worth we were building/ Don’t trash it by advertising and public drinking/ Money making schemes forcing you to go partying/ Forgetting what we aimed for was opposing/ that we don’t have a say and amount to something/ Show them what we are made of and do something/


(Verse 2)
So next time it’s June the 16th/ Hold a pen and a paper, think of me/ Jot down all the things that make you free/The good things that came out of a tragedy/ Instead of partying, start reflecting/ Don’t hold on to our revolution start plotting for your own/ Cause the time is now, stop wasting/ We fought for leaders stop following/Don’t use my name for public purposes/ Lay me to rest cause I’ve done my service/ For this country, the ball is in your court/ Stop talking now, start fighting for a cause/ I feel my name is used for the wrong reasons, that’s why I feel I need a pause/ Lay me to rest I’ve done my service/ For this country, the ball is in your court/ The ball is now in your court